Notes from my travels - Thailand

I spent the whole month of January 2017 just outside of Bangkok learning the art of Wat Po Style Thai Medical Massage. As a result I came away with the understanding that Massage Therapy is the first line of defence in many a Thai people’s world.  

There is massage for everything.  At least that’s the belief system in the country.  Judging by the large number of massage parlours, spas, therapeutic salons, interspersed on every corner of every street, it would be foolish to disregard the popularity of this alternative healing method in favour of Modern (Western) Medicine.  Wat Po style among them is a chief.  There are lines of awaiting visitors, tourists and locals, who will pay western prices to be manipulated for 30 minutes or so in a darkened corner of a small building situated within the Po temple compound.

Whether wellness maintenance or disease management, massage in Thailand is integrated into the daily lives of many of its populus.  Used as a first line approach to treating conditions and symptoms such as chronic pain, migraines, postural dysfunctions, stress, etc., this alternative preventative treatment has became famous the world over.

The Thais go to the extent of having a belief system where it’s widely accepted that massage may offer effective solutions for infertility, erectile dysfunction, or even hemorrhoids.

For me, the beauty of this style of massage modality is in it’s application.  This is a fusion treatment which sits between chiropractic manipulation, physical therapy and acupressure, or all of them rolled into one.  Yet, as simplistic as regimented it may be with it’s 5 prescriptive steps, it appears to be effective treatment for many ills.  Albeit, I’d dispute the claim that it may cure ED or infertility, I do believe that postural misalignment, stress and lack of flexibility may all be effectively enhanced by employing this massage technique.

My forays into a mix of lomi-lomi and Thai massage yield me exceptional results where we see results as these two pictures may demonstrate.

From this

From this

To this

To this

In one 90 minute session.  

May my blessed hands keep their intuitive healing ability for a long time to come so that I can stimulate the innate healing source in all those I touch.

Eva Wheeler-Sagiao

Wellness by Eva, 2800 Wade Boulevard, Clovis, NM, 88101